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     Practical and handy the SC-8 is the ideal centrifuge for small sample volume. It is supplied with a 8 – place angle steel rotor, which accommodates various tube systems as well as 15 ml glass tubes without adapters. The centrifuge is microprocessor controlled

Controls and displays

  • During centrifugation the actual values of the parameters are indicated
  • The centrifuge’s speed and running time can be variably adjusted for different applications
  • Speed display in RPM or RCF
  • Time t/min:         1-99 min. in step of 1 min.,
  • Time t/sec:          1-59 sec.

Continuous operation

  • Brake stage, selectable between fast and slow
  • Pulse key: For short centrifugation operations
  • Open lid key

Technical details:

  • Max RPM (Speed) / RCF:                  6,000 rpm / 3,421 RCF
  • Noise level:                                    < 50 dB(A) (dependent on rotor)
  • Dimensions in mm:                         228(H) x 262(W) x 352(D)
  • Net weight:                                    approx. 9 kg.
  • Emission / Immunity:                     EN/IEC61326-1 class B, FCC class B


  • Lid locking and holding device
  • Emergency lid lock release
  • Lid closure of metal
  • Imbalance switch-off
  • Flexible motor bearings
  • Deep metal rotor chamber (die-cast-aluminium) to securely accommodate the rotor



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