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Mission ®U500 Urine Analyzer

U500 Urine Analyzer

Accurate and Efficient

  • Up to 500 tests/hour for medium/large volume sample testing
  • Large color touch screen LCD offers simple menu navigation
  • Ability to input urine color and clarity for better reference
  • Professional accuracy equivalent to market leaders

Easy to Operate

  • Strip selection of up to 15 combinations available now with capacity for unlimited combinations
  • Automatic strip detection and alignment for better efficiency
  • Test categories include Routine, STAT, and QC
  • Uniquely designed strip platform/waste tray unit for easy one-step cleaning


  • Can read strips with up to 14 parameters, including Microalbumin/Creatinine/Calcium
  • Unlimited language capability with up to 8 language options currently available
  • Automatic calibration and waste disposal reduce hands-on time
  • Capable of printing results on sticker paper for quick and easy record management

Data Management

  • USB Port and RS232C Port for easy data transfer to a computer and LIS, while RS232C Port also available for quick software upgrade
  • Easily search memory by test number, positive results, patient ID, date, STAT results, and QC results
  • Stores up to 2,000 records and flags abnormal results automatically
  • Records Operator/Patient ID by Manual Entry or Barcode Reader

Unique Lockout Functions

Strip Lockout

  • Pre-set option to prevent using strips of another brand by customized canister code entered with a Barcode Reader or by Manual Entry

User Lockout

  • Option to eliminate unapproved users with up to 10 operators

QC Lockout

  • Option to prevent testing without passing QC as necessary
  • If QC tests fail, analyzer can switch to STAT mode and list "E" at the end of each test number



Mission ®U500 Urine Analyzer

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