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EU-5600 Pro/5300 Pro

EU-5600 Pro/5300 Pro
Automated Urinalysis System
Dry chemistry and formed element in single system

o The integration of dry chemistry, formed element, and RBC phase analysis leads to a great improvement in time and space management efficiency. Even a single person can easily manage the TAT requirements during the peak hours of your lab.
o 2K full-color clear imaging which is close to manual microscopic satisfies what you need for releasing a report, reducing the rate of manual microscopic review for positive samples.
o The system captures up to 60 whole-view images from the samples. Utilizing advanced algorithm, the system can precisely identify various types of formed elements from panoramic images, thereby minimizing the chances of missed positive samples.
o Coming standard with RBC phase parameters to help rapidly identify the source of hematuria.
o More valuable with up to 31 reportable parameters for sediment.
o With the inclusion of Mindray data management software—LabXpert, the system shows dry chemistry, urine formed elements, and RBC phase results on a single screen, significantly improving the efficiency of report validation.

EU-5600 Pro/5300 Pro

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