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Automated Digital Cell Morphology Analyzer

Provide more in morphology

          The MC-80 is taking digital morphology analysis to the next level, delivering clearer images which are able to capture abnormalities in more detail. With advanced algorithms, the analyzer enables better identification of different cells with high throughput, resulting in greater productivity.

More Clarity

  • Display the ultra-resolution images and authenticity of each cell through the high-performance objective and advanced image sensor
  • Capture comprehensive pathological features of each cell with Multilayer fusion technology

More Intelligence

  • Reliable cell pre-classification and pre-characterization
  • High-speed FLY-MODE ensures accurate PLT clump identi­fication
  • Intelligent analysis rules result in a smart process and less manual intervention

More Productivity

  • Industry-leading high throughput 60 slides/hour
  • SOLID ROCK hyper-stable anti-shake system by Aerospace materials and cutting-edge high-frequency exposure algorithm
  • Remote review and consultation within multiple locations

Diverse configurations to meet all kinds of demands

  • MC-80 opens a new chapter in hematology with Cellular Analysis Lines both CAL-6000 and CAL-8000



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