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BC-700 series

BC-700 series

Auto Hematology analyzer with ESR

Above and Beyond your expectations


SF Cube fluorescent technology

  • More refined and reliable cell differentiation
  • More reliable measurements for low-value samples
  • More comprehensive alarm messages for abnormalities


Optical PLT-H in every CBC+DIFF test

In the traditional impedance method, PLTs are subject to interferences that may lead to falsely high or falsely low results. In order to solve the problem, a brand-new parameter PLT-H was developed. It combines small PLTs from the impedance method and large PLTs from the optical method. This solution can resist the interferences in conventional PLT detection without requiring extra reagents.


CBC + DIFF + ESR in one test provides reliable ESR results with greater ease

  • The BC-700 series integrates an automatic ESR module in a hematology analyzer
  • Report CBC + ESR results together within 1.5 min
  • High accuracy and Great correlation with the Westergren method.
  • Reduce the biosafety hazards that may otherwise be introduced by a manual method
  • Cost-effective in the purchase, maintenance, consumables, and storage space compared to a separate ESR analyzer


Excellent performance in compact size

  • Throughput up to 80 tests per hour
  • Two open vial models BC-700/BC-720 and two autoloader models BC-760/BC-780
  • Reticulocyte count and PLT-O is available in BC-720/BC-780
  • IPF results without extra reagents in every CBC+DIFF test

BC-700 series

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