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Auto Hematology Analyzer

Exclusive Technology, Inclusive Approach

     Today, laboratories not only need more reliable routine CBC plus 5-part diff WBC testing by way of high processing speed, but are also looking for options that extend the analyzer's output in form of Reticulocytes, Nucleated RBCs, Fluorescent Platelet counts etc. for wider clinical application and research. On the other hand, they are restricted by limited budgets. BC-6800 can help to meet all these needs just perfectly and even exceed the expectations.


     SF Cube is a pathbreaking technology for reliable blood cell analysis, including WBC differential, Reticulocytes and NRBC with efficient flagging. After reaction with proprietory reagents, the targeted blood cells undergo 3D analysis using information from scatter of laser light at two angles and fluorescence signals. The 3D scattergram builds the power to better identify and differentiate blood cell populations, especially to reveal abnormal cell population undetected by other techniques.


Additional parameters for further clinical applications

  • IMG(#,%) parameters provide information about immature granulocyte, including promyelocytes, myelocytes and metamyelocytes.
  • HFC*(#,%) parameters represent high fluorescent cell population, such as blasts and atypical lymphocytes.