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Mindray CL-2000i

Mindray Chemiluminescence Immunoassay Analyzer


Measurement Principle

  • Micron superparamagnetic particles platform with alkaline  phosphatase (ALP) labeled reagent   and AMPPD substrate

High Throughput                             

  • Up to 240 tests/hour

Large Capacity

  • Up to 300 samples to be loaded continuous sample loading and offloading by SDM
  • Flexible STAT rack loading
  • Support continuous loading
  • 36 onboard capacity for reagent cartridges
  • 1134 cuvettes loaded in one batch

Easy Operation

  • Intuitive interface for software
  • Real-time indication of cuvettes, waste and wash buffer status
  • Step-by-step maintenance guide


Mindray CL-2000i

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