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Tosoh AIA-360

Tosoh Automated Enzyme Immunoassay System



Immunoassay near-at-hand


Measurement Principle

  • Fluorescence Enzyme Immunoassay

Compact and Lightweight

  • 400 (W) × 400 (D) ×520 (H) mm / 29 kg
  • Requires little counter space

Easy to Use, Easy to Load

  • Once samples and test cups are loaded, the operator presses START and walks away
  • There are sample and test cup bar-code reader on the system  
  • Up to four assays per specimen can be loaded
  • the touch screens associated with daily operations


  • Throughput 36 tests/hour
  • Antigen antibody reaction: 10 min
  • First result in approximately 19 min
  • 90 days calibration stability

Continuous Random Access

  • The Sample carousel holds up to 25 patient samples and 25 test cups at once
  • Additional samples and tests can be added at any time without interrupting sample processing


  •  Fixed probe with clot detection function



Tosoh AIA-360

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