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EU 8000

Fully Automated Urine Analysis Line


  • EU 8000 is developed from original Mindray hematology analyzer R&D team, which inherits the stability, reliability, and accuracy of Mindray quality.
  • EU 8000 utilize the Mindray high precise syringe for insuring the accuracy of sampling; Utilize the high efficiency cleaning swab for reducing carryover.


  • EU 8000 is combined with EH series urine sediment analyzer and UA series urine chemistry analyzer.
  • EU 8000 has constantly rack sample loading system which can test a batch of 100 samples.


  • EU 8000 own national patent- DIF technology without using focus reagent can automatically adjust the focus and save cost.
  • EU 8000 utilize our high precise syringe which is durable, non-replacement and low maintenance cost.

Easy Use

  • EU 8000 assemble two validation modes -full image and classification image; We can supply XX/ul and XX/HPF reporting modes for simplifying the operation.
  • EU 8000 supply protein-creatinine ratio, RBC histogram and other research parameters for simplifying customer research.




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