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TDR-X Series

TDR-X Series
Automated Blood Culture Systems



  • Colorimetry


  • 10 CFU/ml

Specimen types                           

  • Applicable for Blood, CSF, peritoneal fluid, pleural fluid, bonemarrow, and other sterile body fluid

Basic calculation algorithms        

  • Sustained acceleration   
  • Rate   
  • Initial threshold

Culture type                                 

  • TDR Aerobic; TDR Peds; TDR Anaerobic; TDR Resin Aerobic; TDR Resin Peds; TDR Resin Anaerobic

Powerful statistics                       

  •  Export results including bacteria growth curve


  •  Automatic surveillance and report; Support negative  prediagnostic report

Temperature controlling system   

  • Dual heating systems (solid heating bath and air heating bath)


TDR-X Series

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